Aims and Values

'Reaching high, learning and growing together'

Our School Aims

* To inspire all learners to achieve their potential

* To develop knowledge and understanding of the world through an enjoyable and enriched curriculum

* To ensure all learners feel safe, secure and valued

* To build positive partnerships with parents, carers and the wider community

* To promote physical and emotional health and well being for all 

Our Values

Our values of Thorpe Acre Infant School is to provide an excellent Early Years eduction in a stimulating and supportive environment.

We are committed to promoting personal and intellectual growth and diversity.

We encourage a team spirit within the learning community.

We challenge all to cultivate a love for learning, to strive to fulfil their potential, and to be inspired to explore the wider world. 

Working together we will succeed. 

We are committed to:

* Broad, challenging opportunities for success

* A happy, supportive, secure learning environment

* A love for learning and confidence to explore the wider world

* Individual diversity as the building block of our learning community