TAIS Curriculum Overview


We follow the 2014 National Curriculum objectives for our topic teaching. We teach to a particular theme each half term, based upon continuous review of our children's interests and changing profile. Each half term begins with an "impact day" providing a memorable experience for our children and providing a "hook" for learning. The themes run on a 3-year cycle and each theme has a different major focus either Art, D and T, Geography or History. Science is taught in every topic each half term. 

Please click on the link below to access the National Curriculum:

National Curriculum


Subject Page Number (s) Programmes of Study Page Number (s)
Science 168 - 175 Programmes of Study - Science 5 - 12 
Art & Design 225 Programmes of Study - Art & Design  
Design & Technology 234 Programmes of Study - Design & Technology  
Geography 240 Programmes of Study - Geography  
History 245 Programmes of Study - History  
Music 257 Programmes of Study - Music  
Physical Education 260 Programmes of Study - Physical Education  

Long term plan - subject themes and focus