Breakfast Club 

 Our fun and friendly Breakfast Club is open every day from 7.45am.

Our breakfast club offers the following: 

* Healthy & Nutritious Breakfast

* A Variety of play activities

* Friendly Staff - who your children already know

* Dropping your child off with us, gives you extra time in the morning

You can use Breakfast Club at any time. From one day to the full week. 

Breakfast club is open from 7.45am and the cost is £3.00, you may drop your child off at any time between 7.45am and 8.30am.

Breakfast club closes at 8.30am. NO DROP OFF or breakfast served at this time.

Breakfast club can be booked and paid for by our parent portal WEDUC. 15 spaces available on a first come first serve. If you have not booked your space we can not guarantee access to breakfast club. 

If you do not have WEDUC please contact the school office to arrange your child's breakfast club place.

Enquire at the office or at Breakfast Club for Pupil Premium Price.

We ask that prior to your child/ren attending Breakfast Club that you complete our Registration form which tells us all about dietary requirements and what your child/ren enjoys for breakfast. Please see the office for a registration and booking form for breakfast club. We also ask that you run through our Behaviour Contract with your child; as we do expect the children to behave how they would during the school day, if you could get your child/ren to write their name on the behviour contract that we will be aware they have read and understood it with you.