Letters Home

2020 - 2021 School Year 

 Whole School - Summer Activities Flyer Online 12th July 2021

 Whole School NEWSLETTER Sent Home 8th July 2021

 Whole School Face Covering Update Sent Home 1st July 2021

 Year 2 - Year 2 Walk Around Local Area Sent Home 29th June 2021

 Whole School - June Updates Sent Home 22nd June 2021

 Whole School - Reminder Snack / Toy Letter Sent Home 14th June 2021

 Year 2 - Year 2 Sleepover Sent Home 10th June 2021

 Year 2 - Year 2 Leavers Assembly Sent Home 9th June 2021

 Whole School - Parents Evening Sent Home 7th June 2021

 Whole School - Leicestershire Library Services Half Term Online 30th May 2021

 Year 2 - Year 2 Sleepover Sent Home 21st May 2021

 Whole School - After School Clubs - 7th June - 9th July Sent Home 20th May 2021

 Whole School - The Big Ask Letter Sent Home 17th May 2021

 Whole School - NEWSLETTER Sent Home 30th April 2021

 Foundation Stage - Foundation Stage Start Time Sent Home 30th April 2021

 Years 1 & 2 - Health & Relationship Education Leaflet Sent Home 12th April 2021

 Foundation StageHealth & Relationship Education Leaflet Sent Home 12th April 2021

 Whole School Breakfast Club / MAKE CONTACT - COVID Cases Sent Home 25th March 2021

 Whole School Easter Challenge Flyer Sent Home 23rd March 2021

 Whole School My School Fund Flyer Sent Home 23rd March 2021

 Whole School NEWSLETTER Sent Home 23rd March 2021

 Whole School Wishlist Thank You Online 22nd March 2021

 Whole School After School Clubs Sent Home 22nd March 2021

 Whole School Easter Activity Options (1), Easter Activity Options (2)Easter Activity Options (3)Easter Activity Options (4)  Online 22nd March 2021

 Whole School Parent / Carer Opportunity Online 9th March 2021

 Whole School 'Letter from Director of 'Children and Family Services' Online 3rd March 2021

 Whole School World Book Day Information Online 1st March 2021

 Whole School Half term - COVID contact Online 11th February 2021

 Foundation Stage Live Session Online 8th February 2021

 Whole School Suggested Timetable Online 29th January 2021

 Whole School Loughborough Library Letter Online 28th January 2021

 Whole School Family Update Online 28th January 2021

 Whole School Parent / Carer Update Online 14th January 2021

 Whole School COVID Contact Letter Sent Home 17th December 2020

Whole School NEWSLETTER Sent Home 15th December 2020

 Whole School After School Club Letter Sent Home 14th December 2020  

 Whole School Parent Questions Sent Home 2nd December 2020

Whole School NEWSLETTER Sent Home 1st December 2020

 Year 2 Phonics Screening Sent Home 26th November 2020

 Whole School NEWSLETTER Sent Home 10th November 2020

 Year 1 Year 1 Astronaut Experience Sent Home 9th November 2020

Whole School NEWSLETTER Online on 16th October 2020

 Year 2 Florence Nightingale Letter Sent Home 15th October 2020

 Whole School Harvest 2020 Sent Home 8th October 2020

 Foundation Stage IT Survey Sent Home 7th October 2020

 Whole School Bug Club Letter Sent Home 6th October 2020 

 Whole School Parents Evening Sent Home 5th October 2020

  Whole School Flu Vaccine Letter  Sent Home 1st October 2020

  Whole School Homework  Sent Home 30th September 2020

  Whole School Census Menu Change  Sent Home 29th September 2020

 Whole School  NEWSLETTER  Sent Home 28th September 2020

Children Who Bring A Packed Lunch  Healthy Lunchboxes  Sent Home 23rd September 2020

  Whole School  Face Coverings Request  Sent Home 16th September 2020

  Whole School  After School Club and Extended Care Letter  Sent Home 15th September 2020

  Whole School  After School Club Booking Form Sent Home 15th September 2020

  Whole School  Extended After School Care Sent Home 15th September 2020

 Whole School NEWSLETTER Sent Home 10th September 2020

  Foundation Stage & Fox Class  New Way In / Out Letter  Sent Home 9th September 2020

 Whole School  Cough Cold Symptoms  Sent Home 7th September 2020

 Foundation Stage  Foundation Stage - Health and Well Being  Sent Home 4th September 2020

 Whole School NEWSLETTER  Sent Home 3rd September 2020

 Years 1 & 2  IT Survey Sent Home 3rd September 2020

 Years 1 & 2  Return to school letter  Online 31st August 2020 

 Whole School   Leics County Council schools update  Online on 25th August 2020 

 Years 1 & 2  Autumn Term - STARTING BACK  Online on 21st August 2020 






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