School milk and snacks

Snacks £1.50 per week

[FSM £1.00 per week]


Monday - Toast  [30/20p]

Tuesday - Fruity Muffin [30p/20p]

Wednesday - Cheesy Bread Twist  [30p[20p]

Thursday - Crumpets  [30p/20p]

Friday - Cheese on toast  [30p/20p]


Apple and orange juice is available at 30p/15p per day


Milkshake is available at 40p/20p per day



'Ever Six' children have milk paid for by Pupil Premium


£1.75 per week as from Autumn 2017

[children in year 1 & 2]

To be ordered by previous Friday lunchtime.

All Foundation children are offered milk - paid for by Pupil Premium.

From January 2015 all children eligible for Free School Meals [or have been in the past] are entiled to free daily milk.



Free fruit and vegetables to all Infant school children every day!