‘RE is like an iceberg. As you unpack ideas, you come to understand deeper meaning’

RE is taught following the Leicestershire RE Syllabus.

The principal aim of our RE curriculum is:

To explore what people believe and what difference this makes to how they live, so that our children can gain the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to handle questions raised by religion and belief, reflecting on their own ideas and ways of living.

Our lessons are planned using key questions to allow children to explore key ideas of religions and to consider their place within a diverse multi – religious and multi-secular society. We teach about religions systematically across the year with a thematic unit at the end of each Academic Year. Longer units in Key Stage One which focus on Judaism and Islam are split into two parts to allow opportunities for recall and retrieval of learning before further development of knowledge and understanding.

Our RE long term planner:


Our RE Policy is being updated. A link will appear here soon!

Leicestershire Agreed Syllabus for RE